Sarah and Ben are getting married in a few short weeks out of state, but capturing their lives in DC was just as an important part of the wedding process as the professional photos that will be taken on that day.  We met at the Woodley Park Metro and headed out from there.  Both Ben and Sarah love the Marilyn Monroe mural on the corner of Calvert and Connecticut and also the Presidents mural down the street.  We were able to snap a few photos at each location with out to many on lookers, a problem some times in the city.  Ben is also a huge advocate for the City Bike Share.   He uses it most days to commute to and from work, which all of us DC city folk know can be a huge pain.  We ended our walk around town at Sarah’s apartment building, had a Starbucks to warm up, and then headed our separate ways.

I truly wish Ben and Sarah all the best and hope they remember to send me their wedding photos!  Maybe we can meet up again and do the cat photoshoot we talked about.