Most people probably think that because I am a photographer I take a lot of photos of my own children…not necessarily the case.  iPhone pics, yes, hundreds even thousands, professional ones not so much.  I tend to break out the big camera for birthdays and holidays and maybe a few family functions in between. My children are just as impossible to take photos of and yes, I do have to bribe them with a Popsicle and candy to get them to smile. 🙂 So, Liam and I had about an hour while my other boy was sleeping to snap a few shots outside our home. He picked the skateboard as his prop and we “rolled” with it!  I even gave him two pops at the end.

Enjoy a look into the life of my little 4 year old…or should i say big 4 year old, Liam.


I started last year asking Liam the following questions.  A conversation with Liam age 4:


2011- Age 3…yes he still is a GaGa fan.