!!!Warning!!! long blog post ahead. !!!WARNING!!!

This post is significantly picture heavy simply because everything about this wedding was gorgeous. Colleen is gorgeous, Travis is gorgeous, the Bridal parties are gorgeous, Sunset Hills Vineyard was exceptionally gorgeous, the flowers were gorgeous…and so on, and so on, and so on.

I met Colleen and Travis a few months ago on Travis’s family farm in Lancaster, PA. Pics here. We got along great, and created some amazing art that day. Colleen mentioned that they were going to have a tent at Sunset Hills Vineyard. Now, I have been to Sunset for a few weddings and never have I heard that they could tent the side yard. Ohh exciting. WELL, let me tell you when they said tent the side yard, they meant TENT the side yard. It was huge. 6 giant chandeliers draped in crystals. Hundreds upon hundreds of flowers. An amazing live band and a wedding head table to top all head tables…ever.

I could keep going, but I think we should just get to the photos already! Enjoy a look into the wedding of Travis and Colleen. Two amazing people that make one amazing couple. And a special thanks to Traci Brooks for helping me out by second shooting.  Her work is sprinkled in among the photos.